welcome to

The Synergy Centre

welcome to

The Synergy Centre

Holistic Wellness & Relaxation Centre

Synergy : When two or more elements work in harmony to create a combined effect greater than that of their individual effect.

Many services are available online via Zoom

At some time in our life we can all be affected by stress, unwanted habits, negative or inherited patterns of behaviour, limiting beliefs, interpersonal problems, lack of work life balance, confidence or self esteem issues, procrastination, lack of motivation, despondency, depression, anxieties of various kinds and other issues.

Our modern lifestyle, sub-optimal nutrition, poor water consumption, lack of exercise, stress and emotional issues, poor sleep, chemicals and e-smog all disturb the biological balance of the body.​  


This all has detrimental affects on our health, happiness, progress and overall well-being.

Are you ready to make positive and long lasting change?  Are you ready to let go of issues from the past and now that are holding you back; so you can obtain a more healthier, happier, successful and fulfilled future?   Is that why you have found yourself here..?

Sometimes we just need a facilitator to help release ourselves from self defeating behaviours and limiting beliefs, manage stress and anxiety and become more resilient, overcome confidence or self-esteem issues, get into states of relaxation and inner peace, step onto the path of holistic wellness, or see things from a different perspective in order to achieve positive change and bring about a greater state of balance and harmony in our lives and in our relationships (on all levels) with others.  

The Synergy Centre is a holistic wellness centre offering a range of complimentary modalities to help you achieve a more harmonious and holistically balance life. 


Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are,

but only we are responsible for who we become.  

 with your 

Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate









4pm - 7pm

4pm - 7pm

1pm - 7pm

4pm - 7pm

4pm - 7pm

10am - 4pm ​ 

 Upon request


Suite 1, Level 1

1 James Street

Ph: 022 188 0212

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Wellness Centre Whangarei  |  Reiki Whangarei  |  Hypnotherapy Whangarei  |  Meditation Whangarei  |  Sound Healing Whangarei

Sonic Massage

Tibetan bowls played on the body for sonic massage sound healing Whangarei

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