Sunday 15 November is a new moon.  Every New Moon is an opportunity for a new start. Taking a leap of faith is moving beyond fear, where great things happen.  Yet it is so important to not force any change.  The magic happens when you pay attention to the full range of emotions and feelings involved with making any kind of change. New moons are a time for setting intentions for transformation.   Intention setting is a very powerful practice to engage in.  This new moon holds tremendous potential for great outcomes. It is a time to explore your worries and shine a light on your demons.  By acknowledging your shadow self you can embark on an insightful journey, deep within, to unleash all that is not serving you or holding you back.  Allowing a new way of being to emerge….  Fuelled by authentic self-care, creativity, inspiration and peaceful win-win solutions.  It is a time to believe in and embrace your true self. When you set an intention it is paramount that you believe that you will achieve it.  If something doesn’t feel believable, then that belief in itself will stop the manifestation of it occurring for you. Fear of the unknown is what sabotages positive belief and therefore keeps people stuck in the negative belief that it can’t happen.  Give yourself permission to be greater than your fears. EFT is a great way of ‘tapping’ in to our ability to collapse disempowering limiting beliefs.  It is a simple, quick and effective way of unblocking and releasing the intense or subtle emotional charge associated with memories or beliefs that are keeping us stuck from overcoming resistance and subconscious negative beliefs about whatever it is we are wanting to overcome or achieve. EFT is incredible and truly enables you to become the best version of yourself.  Backed by science and proven by numerous testimonials globally.  Click Here to find out more about this incredible technique.

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