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The Synergy Centre

The Synergy Centre

Holistic Wellbeing & Spiritual Growth Centre

Synergy: When two or more elements work in harmony to create a combined effect greater than that of their individual effect.

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Welcome to a sanctuary of tranquillity where you can embark on a transformative journey towards inner harmony, balance, peace and rejuvenation.

At The Synergy Centre, we are dedicated to fostering holistic wellbeing and spiritual growth We believe in the power of synergistic healing, where a harmonious fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary practices come together to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. 


We offer you a sacred space where healing and self-discovery converge and we are delighted to introduce you to a world of holistic practices that can revitalise your entire being. Through our diverse range of holistic therapies, workshops, and programmes, we aim to enlighten and inspire individuals to discover their true potential and lead authentic, fulfilling lives.

We celebrate each individual's unique journey and provide the guidance needed to navigate life's challenges and uncover the deeper meaning of your existence.

Discover the enchanting world of sound, where resonating frequencies and soothing vibrations create a symphony of tranquility that works in harmony with your body's natural rhythms, transporting you to a state of deep serenity, promoting profound relaxation, healing and inner balance.  Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of a sound healing session or sound bath, or indulge in the blissful effects of sonic massage, designed to release tension, rejuvenate your senses and restore balance using the gentle vibrations of sound.


Explore the ancient healing practices of Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Meditation, each designed to bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.


Reiki is a gentle yet powerful energy healing technique that helps to restore balance and vitality by channeling universal life force energy and encouraging the flow of that healing energy throughout your entire being.  However, Reiki is not just a healing modality; it's a profound experience that touches the very essence of your being.


The ancient art of chakra balancing, realigns and harmonises the seven subtle energy centers within you, creating a sense of balance and equilibrium and enhanced well-being as any blockages or imbalances are gently unblocked.  Allowing for a greater flow of vitality throughout your being.


Immersing yourself into the peaceful waters of meditation, the art of stillness, allows you to quiet the mind, be in the present moment and find solace from the noisy confusion of life.  As you delve into the depths of your inner world, you may uncover hidden insights, embrace clarity, and cultivate a profound connection to yourself and your true potential.


Embark on an inward journey with hypnotherapy to explore the untapped potential of your subconscious mind and pave the way for personal growth.  Break free from self-defeating behaviours and limiting beliefs to achieve positive long lasting change.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, peels away the layers of emotional blockages resulting in unwanted habits, negative or inherited patterns of behaviour, interpersonal problems, confidence or self-esteem issues, anxieties of various kinds and a whole host of other issues that may be holding you back, empowering you with emotional freedom and wellbeing.


For those seeking to unravel the mysteries of their soul's journey, Past Life Regression opens doors to the wisdom of the ages and lost chapters of your soul's journey.  Unlocking hidden truths and valuable insights that can illuminate your present and future paths; fostering understanding, acceptance and healing across lifetimes.

Soul Retrieval is a deeply profound shamanic experience.  If you feel like part of you is missing, embark on this sacred journey to reconnect with fragmented parts of yourself and the essence of your being, to bring healing and closure to past experiences and regain a new sense of wholeness.  

Medicine Card Readings are a form of spiritual guidance based on Native American traditions.  The foundation of medicine card readings comes from the "Medicine Wheel," a symbolic representation of the interconnectedness of all life and the cyclical nature of existence. The Medicine Wheel typically consists of four cardinal directions (East, South, West, and North), each associated with specific qualities and aspects of life.  The cards depict various totem animals each carrying its own symbolic meaning and unique spiritual energies, teachings, wisdom and medicine.

Whether you seek personal growth, spiritual awakening or both, our transformational workshops, programmes and retreats are designed to empower you with the means to explore the vast realms of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are,

but only we are responsible for who we become.

Allow yourself to flourish

Relax       Reconnect       rejuvenate       transform



















Ph: 022 188 0212

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