Deep State Re-Patterning

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Throughout our lives - both past and present - we become creatures of unconscious habit, where by we keep repeating the same pattern time and time again. Sometimes these patterns of behaviour can have a detrimental effect on us, particularly emotional ones, which have become deep set.

Deep State Re-Patterning is a very powerful, yet simple process that combines EFT / NLP / Inner Child Therapy and if necessary Past Life Regression and Ancestral Connection, to deal with the deepest roots of problems.  

The Deep State Re-Patterning technique often gets results where other therapies may not and can often be incredibly quick. It easily accesses events from early childhood to the current point in time in your life.  It can also find and deal with roots that lie much deeper.  It is not uncommon for issues to start during the birth process or even whilst in the womb. Roots can even stem from much deeper such as from ancestral or past life issues.  It is not uncommon for traits and problems to go through a family line.


From a scientific point of view, the research from renowned scientist Rupert Sheldrake supports the idea that we can connect with fields of information linked to members of our family. For example when one twin goes into labour, the other twin may feel the labour pains. When we think about someone, the phone rings and it's them, etc.

Deep State Re-Patterning is a process that can quickly and effectively deal with the roots of problems no matter where they originate.

​Deep State Re-Patterning works by visualising, on an imaginary screen, the event from the past (that is, the cause) related to your current issue (NLP), whilst tapping (EFT).

Observing the event effectively dissociates you from the experience.  Because you are observing the events, you get a sensation of the emotion, however, you are not 'reliving' the event, just observing it.  You can move the screen further away or closer to you and thus have a lot of control over remaining comfortable, calm and safe whilst using this approach.

You don't necessarily have to be able to visualise to benefit from this process, as long as you can get a sense of what is going on.

The tapping alters the body's energy field, release the negative or restricted energy and unblocks the flow to allow positive energy to flow through.

With Deep State Re-Patterning, because you are disassociated you can deal with events that were very emotionally intense without being associated with/feeling the intensity of the emotion of it.

What your subconscious mind presents to you through this process can often be totally enlightening, making you aware of the pattern/s you have been falling into time and time again, living by - or suffering through!  Once that recognition occurs, on a deep level, the pattern is broken.​










Deep State Re-Patterning is an AAMET accredited technique​

[Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques]


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