Guided Meditation

Available via Zoom

Because the mind has a tendency to wander where it will, many find it easier to relax into the meditative state when our minds aren’t entirely left to their own devices.

Guided meditation is simply meditation with the help of a guide. It’s one of the easiest ways to enter into a state of deep relaxation and inner stillness. 

It is an excellent starting point for beginners and is also well received by seasoned meditators. 

With guided meditation you simply follow the voice of the guide, relaxing your body and mind.  This takes you into a deeply meditative state before guiding you with the use of visualisation and gentle, soothing background music into a deeply tranquil experience.

Guided meditation is a great way to switch off and find some inner peace away from the noisy confusion of life.

Sessions will be held weekly and there is no commitment required to attend each week.

Purchase a concession card and get your 10th session with our compliments

A lovely nurturing mug of herbal tea will be offered after each meditation. 

Minimum 4 people Per Session

Advanced bookings essential

You will be notified if minimum numbers have not been met.

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$15 per class

Purchase a concession card and get your 10th class free.

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