The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words "rei" (universal) and "ki" (life force energy). 

Our life force energy is responsive to our thoughts, emotions, actions and beliefs.  Our energetic balance can become disrupted by stress, injury or illness.  

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive energy healing modality that enhances the body’s natural healing ability whilst energising and promoting overall wellness.  It works to charge the energy field with positive energy to help restore a healthy, balanced flow of life force energy throughout the body.


Reiki has a positive effect on all forms of negative conditions and illnesses. It can alleviate all kinds of general discomfort, as well as treat specific issues.​  It treats the whole person, supporting body, mind and spirit to achieve balance and restore optimum health.  When your body is balanced, your own self-healing mechanisms function at their very best.


Creates Deep Relaxation and Helps the Body Release Stress and Tension


Reiki energy works together with the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems.  The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) is activated when our body’s priority is coping (the fight or flight scenario).  Our busy lifestyle keeps us in the reactive Sympathetic Nervous System state and our bodies literally forget how to return to balance.


With Reiki there is an overall response as your nervous system shifts into Parasympathetic Nervous Systems (PNS) dominance.  When the Parasympathetic Nervous Systems is dominant, the body is in rest and digest mode. This means its priority is to recover, to heal, to deeply nourish and restore itself.


We don’t often take time out to just rest and be.   Rest/digest doesn’t mean you have to stop being active and productive or do nothing.  It allows you to rest more effectively and digest better which is important to maintaining health and vitality.  What many people enjoy about a Reiki treatment is that it allows them to be in a place of just ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.   In that state tension is released, stress dissipates so we can  go back to our daily lives more resilient. 


Alleviates Pain and Accelerates The Body’s Self-Healing Ability


Reiki energy helps you to return to your natural state.  Your breathing, heart rate and blood pressure improve as it enables you to breathe deeper.  Breathing deeper and easier is one of the first things to happen during a Reiki treatment.  Medical science has proven that when we breathe deeply into our diaphragm our minds naturally settle.   As your breathing deepens your body moves into Parasympathetic Nervous System dominance i.e. the rest/digest state, the state that is most conducive for healing.  Reiki therefore encourages your body’s own healing ability.  On the physical level, Reiki helps to alleviate pain and helps with a variety of other symptoms and ailments.

Aids Better Sleep


The number one outcome of receiving a Reiki session is relaxation. When we’re relaxed, we sleep better, our bodies heal better, we think more clearly, and we relate to each other more genuinely.  People sleep much better and are calmer following Reiki treatments.  With the deep relaxation experienced during a Reiki treatment some people can fall asleep during the session.

Improves Focus and Helps You Become More Centred and Grounded


Reiki can support you in staying centred in the present moment rather than getting caught up in the past or have anxieties about the future.  It can strengthen your ability to stay focused and enables you to accept and work with the way events are unfolding even if they don’t follow your plans or timetable.  You begin to respond to situations, people and yourself in a supportive way rather than reacting out of habit.


Restores Balance and Harmony


Reiki works directly on restoring balance and harmony on all levels.  It enables you to be more aware of what is going on inside your body and mind.  Once you are open to listening to your own body, emotions and feelings you are in a place that enables you to make wise decisions regarding your health and well-being.  This balance can enhance learning, memory and mental clarity.  Reiki can help alleviate mood swings, fear, frustration and even anger.

Helps Spiritual Growth and Improves Relationships


You do not need to be into spirituality to enjoy the benefits of Reiki.  But many people receive Reiki to support them through their own personal development and/or spiritual growth.   Reiki helps you become more present, which helps you to access the inner knowing and wisdom that we all have.  It can create profound yet subtle shifts from deep within your being.  Inner guidance about how to deal with difficult or challenging situations, self-defeating behaviours and limiting beliefs can come more easily.  You may find that suddenly you see things from a different perspective, have an inspired change in attitude or belief, and are able to deal with things in a more positive way.   Or it might direct you to the make the right decisions and take the correct action as you are guided from within to deal with things with more clarity and in a more positive way.  Reiki can also strengthen and heal personal relationships.  Because Reiki enhances your capability to be more in touch with yourself, it can open you up to the people around you and help your relationships grow in a more balanced and harmonious way.  

Compliments Medical Treatments


Reiki is a wonderful compliment to conventional medicine and is used in a number of hospitals and medical centres throughout the world.   Reiki addresses the whole person, rather than targeting individual symptoms and triggers the relaxation response which is the physiological state that is conducive for healing.  Reiki can be given to patients with burns, wounds and other major injuries, is safe to use if you have medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes or heart conditions and for people undergoing chemo and/or radiotherapy.  Reiki is safe for pregnant women through all stages of the pregnancy.


Regular Reiki treatments bring about a calmer and more peaceful state of being and enables you to better cope with everyday stress.


People report feeling more clear, peaceful, relaxed and lighter in themselves after receiving Reiki.

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