Shakti Mat

The Shakti Mat is used as a wellness tool for overall wellbeing.  It has thousands of sharp spikes that apply pressure to skin and muscles supporting restful sleep, relaxation, healthy circulation, muscle recovery, relief from pain or discomfort, mental clarity and general vitality and well-being.  Relaxing your mind & body in just 20 minutes.


These benefits are accessible through the principles of acupressure, a long-standing and well trusted practice from Eastern Medicine. While this practice is reasonably new to the Western world, it dates back thousands of years and is now adopted by reputable practitioners around the world.


The Shakti Mat mimics this ancient technique to reproduce the benefits and make the practice of acupressure more widely available and all within the comfort of your home.

The mat has clipped discs, allowing the spikes to move and mold perfectly to your back and the curve of your neck.

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If you have any serious medical conditions or disease, it is recommend you consult your doctor before using any Shakti product. There are some conditions where using The Shakti Mat, or accessories is not recommended.   These include any of the following:


PREGNANCY - Use of the Shakti Mat is not recommended for women who are pregnant, especially in the first trimester. However, The Shakti Mat is a wonderful and completely safe tool in the postpartum stage. New mum's may suffer from back tension, tightness in hips, sleeplessness, stress and more - all for which The Shakti Mat can provide great natural support.


EPILEPSY - The Shakti Mat is covered in thousands of sharp spikes, making it hazardous if a person were to have a seizure while using the Mat.


COAGULATION ISSUES - or if you are using anticoagulant medication. The Shakti Mat can affect circulation and therefore cannot be recommended to people with clotting issues.


CARDIOVASCULAR CONDITIONS - The Shakti Mat can affect circulation and therefore cannot be recommended to people with cardiovascular conditions.


THROMBOPHLEBITIS - See coagulation issues, and cardiovascular conditions above.


SIGNIFICANT SKIN DAMAGE in the area of use, including pronounced skin inflammation, or large papilloma's. Skin conditions are at risk of being aggravated by The Shakti Mat.


NEUROPATHY  that has resulted in loss of sensation or sensory impairment, as this may impact a users ability to feel the sharpness of the spikes.