Soul Retrieval

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Traumatic incidents occur in our life causing moments of anguish, emotional pain, fear, lack of confidence in one’s self, low self esteem/self belief, which can be caused by anything from bullying, arguing, addiction, being forced to act against our morals, abuse in all its forms - physical, psychological, sexual and emotional – , to surgery, war, the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, regardless of our age, when a negative or traumatic incident occurs a fragment of our soul leaves us, ‘runs away from home’ to protect itself from the trauma, insult or abuse and the sadness, anguish or fear the incident instils. Life for the person who experienced the trauma becomes difficult to deal with, because they are not fully there.​  Soul fragmentation occurs unconsciously and is accompanied by a feeling that apart of you is missing.  We can hear the language of soul fragmentation in everyday conversations. 

Sometimes people may speak of a sense that:


  • ​"I don't feel all there / I don't feel complete"

  • "I feel like a part of me is missing"

  • "He/she took my heart/soul/innocence"

  • "A part of me went with them"

  • "I’ve never felt the same...."

  •  since an incident or series of incidents occurred

  •  since [someone] left

  •  since [someone] died

The part or the essence referred to stays in the past, lost and trapped in the time that it fragmented. ​

Some of the symptoms or indicators of soul fragmentation include:   


  • Unable to let go of the past / a sense of never having recovered from a past issue, event or person

  • Addictions or compulsive behaviour / blocking it out​

  • Repeating the same negative pattern of behaviour and the emotions attached to it​

  • Keeping returning to a person, or a location, even though there is no apparent reason to

  • Inability to get close to another or others / unable to connect to people on an emotional level

  • Neediness / feeling unable to get on without someone else

  • Having a strong inner critic / self sabotage

  • Lost memories

  • Depression / Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, or PTSS like symptoms​

  • Inability to invest in your future with enthusiasm and optimism 

  • Procrastination​

And, but not limited to, the following feelings:


  • Feeling incomplete / lost / indecisive / aimless

  • Emotionally numb - just going through the motions

  • Grief that does not heal

  • Self hate or self loathing

  • Not being in control or disconnected from life

  • Stuck and not able to move on but not knowing why

  • Powerless to change your life

  • Emptiness

  • Fear

  • Loneliness / Alone in a crowded room

  • Hopelessness

  • Abandonment

  • Betrayal

  • Anger

  • Resentment

  • Indifference​

  • Suicidal tendencies 

So what exactly is Soul Retrieval Therapy?


Soul Retrieval is the recovery of the parts of our essence - our Soul - which have fragmented.  Traditionally Soul Retrieval is a shamanic process whereby a shaman would go on a journey on your behalf with your Spirit Guide and Spirit (or Power) Animal to retrieve and bring back the fragments of your soul that have become disconnected, trapped or lost through trauma and reintegrates them with the rest of your soul by blowing each piece back into your body one at time.

I take a slightly different approach to Soul Retrieval whereby I guide you into the gentle state of hypnosis and in that state you go on the journey to retrieve your own fragments. You meet your Spirit Guide, who may have come especially for your Soul Retrieval, or may be a spirit guide already connected with you. Your Spirit Guide will then take you to find your Power Animal. Your Spirit Guide and Power Animal then go with you to find a sacred healing place where together you will all go from to find the fragment/s of your soul, ask why it/they left and invite it/them to 'come home'. Then together you, the fragment/s of your soul, your Spirit Guide and your Power Animal return back to your sacred healing place, and from there the therapy of resolution, reintegration of your soul and healing begins.


​The fragment is given the opportunity to confront any perpetrators of any traumas, with divine permission to safely carry out any retribution you feel, in order to unburden yourself from and resolve any outstanding issues with them.  However, YOU are the one who is now in the position of power in the Soul Retrieval process, not the perpetrator. You have your Spirit Guide and your Power Animal right there with you for strength and support, and the fragments of your soul have divine permission to carry out any retribution against any perpetrator in order to release any fears, anguish, sadness, longing, feelings of unjustness, or resentment. Your fragment/s also has the opportunity to speak with the essence of that other soul where previously resolution or closure may not have occurred - eg: the death or parting of someone, someone you may have had an argument with or someone who you feel closure or resolution had not been achieved with, etc.  You can invite them in in essence, and communicate with their essence, to either ask any questions that may have been left unanswered, or say anything you feel you wanted to say but didn't get the chance to, and therefore let resolution occur and harmony be in place between the essence of your soul and the essence of their soul.  Then the reintegration of your fragment/s and healing happens.​

feel whole again

Soul Retrieval therapy can be very cathartic, issues that you have previously been unwilling or unable to deal with can come to the surface and you may find that these issues and the feelings associated with them - such as grief or anger - assert themselves. 


Soul Retrieval through hypnosis (remembering that 'hypnotherapy' is about empowerment) may be the ultimate part of your healing process, but it is also possible that it will be the beginning of new healing and new growth.

Some benefits experienced through Soul Retrieval include:


  • Feelings of relief, renewal, cleansing, wholeness, acceptance and worthiness

  • A sense of being full / connected and more present in life

  • A new perspective and feeling of resolution / closure 

  • Empowerment and a greater ability to make decisions, take control of your life and move on

  • Ability to get close to another or others

  • Regained self confidence / self worth / self esteem

  • 'Can do' attitude















You will find that you can make positive changes in your life and move on or away from any situations that you felt you just couldn't move on from.


Exactly what will happen, is up to your fragments
as each person is different
and all soul are unique

Soul Retrieval