Sound BATH


No water is involved in a sound bath, you remain fully clothed and are simply bathing in the sound and frequencies produced.


The main instruments involved in my sound baths are the gongs, singing bowls and drums. Accompanying them are Rainsticks, Kalimba, Koshi Chimes, Freenote, Tibetan cymbals and Solfeggio tuning forks.  Each one emitting their own vibrational frequency, which helps guide you to the meditative and restorative state.  Shifting your brainwave frequency from beta (awake, active and alert) to alpha (awake and relaxed), and theta (the meditative state).  

When we are out of balance, either physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually (or a combination) we are in a state of disharmony.  When experiencing a sound bath, our bodies (physical and subtle) become receptors which detect, register and are affected by the frequencies.  Heart rate, respiration and brainwave activity will be ‘entrained’ because the vibrations at similar frequencies will cause mutual sympathetic resonance.


Multiple tones and clusters of natural harmonic overtones are space filling and build as they are played, creating a pool of sound which can be directly felt kinaesthetically, while quieting the mind into a state of stillness and transporting you into a blissfully relaxing altered state of consciousness known to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and well-being. ​

The sound and vibrational frequencies produced during a sound bath have been described as relaxing, calming, centering, energising, transforming and healing.  Synchronising our brainwaves, promoting a peaceful state, clarity of mind, stronger intuition and restoring balance and harmony on all levels.

For further information on the healing effects of sound see the sound healing page


The Gong, Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks


THE GONG is an ancient and sacred instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. Ancient alchemical texts date the gong as far back as 16,000 BC.  Some of the ancient uses for the gong include meditation, healing, communication, and announcing the beginning of ceremonies.  So it’s certainly not just a new ‘thing’!   Within one gong is the resonant power of a 108 instrument orchestra.  It is the greatest synthesizer in the world.  It synthesises everything so that it comes into functional harmony.


SINGING BOWLS are also an ancient and sacred instrument.  Dating back 2,500 years, early application of the Singing Bowls was connected with the rituals of the Bon Pot Shamans in Tibet.  Singing bowls were and are used throughout Himalayan monasteries and throughout the world to aid meditation. The sound of a singing bowl was and still is used to mark the beginning or end of a meditation period, or during meditation to focus the mind. It is also believed that mantras chanted during the making of a singing bowl are released into the universe when the bowl is played (thus having a similar function as a prayer wheel).


TUNING FORKS were invented in 1711 and were originally used to create a pure tone to tune musical instruments.  By the last decades of the 19th century, tuning forks were among the most precise of all scientific instruments.  They are used by medical practitioners to assess hearing, check vibration sense as part of the examination of the peripheral nervous system and to help assess injuries where bone fracture is suspected.  When used in alternative therapy, the sound waves produced by tuning forks are rapidly transmitted throughout the nervous system and entire body as your body enters a deep state of relaxation in a matter of seconds. The phenomenon of sympathetic resonance is reinforced by their use on or around the body, as the body’s vibration is entrained to return it to its optimum healthy vibration.​​


A sound bath is an excellent opportunity to relax, rebalance

and bring about an enhanced awareness of the mind/body/spirit connection.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Tibetan Singing Bowls
Unweighted Tuning Fork
Weighted Tuning Fork

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